A special introduction from Gaytona's #1 Race Queen

Betty Jack DeVine

photo by ARGE

Welcome race fans! Are you ready to crank it up? Honey, I know I am!

Gay NASCAR fans, do you find it difficult to hook up with like-minded guys or/and dolls? Do you want to talk track with some pals who really get how hot these speed jocks are? Well darlings, Betty Jack DeVine is here to lead all you gay NASCAR fans from the gloom of the closet out to the glory of the speedway!

Our Web site, www.gaytona.com, is dedicated to the hottest NASCAR drivers, and to our most favorite town, Daytona Beach! Throughout the season, we hope to bring you our own special blend of NASCAR tea -- you know, the dish, the grease, the real deal, Neal!

My sister race hussy Dixie Richardson and I decided that the best way to follow the season on the Web would be to spotlight our most favorite drivers -- those racetrack hotshots with the sparkiest rides, the cutest smiles and the most ballin-est playa attitudes! "Are they gay? you ask? Not that I know of -- and who cares, anyway? All I know is these hotrod hotties are all bad sexy and wicked fast, and we're looking forward to a super season as they race for the championship!

And why "91/2?" Oh honey, why NOT? Whoever asked such a question? Are you into it? Let's hit the track, girls!

Ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome To

Love, Betty Jack Devine

photo by Roger Warren

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