Betty Jack DeVine and are happy to present this Fun Guide To Daytona Beach for Gay and Lesbian Visitors to Florida and everybody else looking for a delightful time!

If you love a beautiful beach that's wide with big waves that is not crowded at all, reasonable prices, delicious seafood, a casual attitude that prefers dressing-down to dressing-up, a variety of things to do - then you certainly should consider enjoying Daytona Beach the next time you're in Florida.

The gay population of Daytona is not large, but they are spirited and cute, and they often have several gay bars to serve them: so this Fun Guide will tell you how to get to those, good places to relax on the beach, how to get around, where to shop, and much, much more.

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How To Get Around Daytona Beach

That's the bridge over there that spans the Halifax River and connects International Speedway Boulevard to the Atlantic Ocean on the penisula that Daytona natives call "beachside". INTERNATIONAL is one of the mail streets you'll need to know in Daytona that will make getting around easy to do.

Daytona is laid out on a traditional grid with the main roads going North/South and INTERNATIONAL is one of the key roads to take you East and West.

Arriving in Daytona Beach, most often it will be via the interstate !-95 or the Daytona Beach International Airport. Either way, you'll use INTERNATIONAL and it is really the most spectacular way to begin your Daytona Beach adventure because you'll the Daytona Speedway, home of the spectacular television event, the Dayona 500.

If you look at the little map we've created, you see that if you travel directly East on ISB you'll soon be at Daytona Beach's signature 1950's-style Downtown and then at the beach.

Most of the roads you'll use after that are North/South as those are the tourist trails of today and long ago.

That's a glimpse of historic Daytona Beach Downtown, revitalized in the mid 1990's

And look, that used to be a gay bar - Club Zeba - right there in Downtown Daytona Beach. The nightlife changes often here, so always call first if you're not sure.

And with that begins the listings of helpful suggestions to make your time in Daytona Beach enjoyable and fun. By the way, none of the listings here are paid advertisements or gay in any way unless specifically mentioned - just some of the things we gays know, that you might like to know too.

Gay Bars & Restaurants in Daytona Beach

The Streamline

140 S. Atlantic (A-1-A)
386 258 6937

This building is where the NASCAR championship racing formula was invented; and now it's a gay bar and hotel. The design is 50's fabulous and the penthouse bar is a luxury you'll treasure but the crowd could be eclectic. Go for the view and expecially the Friday night drag show. These queens will amaze you for sure.

The Streamline is north of the intersection of INTERNATIONAL and A-!-A. Get a parking pass and parking instructions from one of their staff if you're there on a weekend night.

We've not been to the club below, but our friend DJ Joanie told us about it. Check out its website for more details.

Savoy Daytona

546 Seabreeze Blvd.
386 226 5600

Gay-friendly Bed & Breakfast

August Seven Inn

1209 South Peninsula Drive
Daytona Beach, Fl 32118

Situated in the guest house on the former beachside estate of P&G founder James N. Gamble, innkeepers Joseph & Peter have re-created the luxury that the early-20th-century titans of industry expected while wintering in Florida. A quick 2 block walk to the beach and just a short stoll across the bridge to the restaurants and clubs of Daytona's historic downtown, the August Seven Inn offers a variety of rates for those who like to make a B&B their home-away-from-home.

Click Here for the August Seven Inn's website

Gay Publications
in Daytona Beach

Gay Daytona Magazine

Find it at any of the gay bars

Click Here for the Gay Daytona Magazine website

Where to enjoy the beach

Go south on A-1-A (Atlantic Blvd.) passed Dunlawton heading toward Ponce Inlet. The state park at the end of the road is where the surfer boys hang. Along the way you'll see small public parking lots across from public boardwalks to the beach. Stop at one that has a visible port-o-john; you can take refreshments and stay longer that way. There are few condos and hotels along this stretch and cars are not allowed on the beach.

Driving your car on the beach is permitted on many parts of the World's Most Famous Beach. Look for one of the many beach access ramps and have some cash ready to pay the toll. It's $5 for one day. Be aware of high tide and watch out for the soft spots or you might get stuck - that happened to our Buick one time.
Click Here for the Volusia County webite that has comprehensive beach information

What a good idea. They've parked their Grand Marquis in the afternoon shadow of a high-rise condo. A cool way to enjoy the beach.

THE NUDE BEACH: Yes, there's a nude beach near Daytona. It is at the Cape Canaveral National Seashore, and you can see the space shuttle on its launch pad from there. These things are subject to change so check out the web for current info on the topic.

Click Here for the nude beach webside

In 1947 at the Ebony Lounge inside the Streamline, Big Bill France invented NASCAR. In 1967, the Streamline was purchased by the notorious evanglist LeRoy Jenkins, who renamed it the LeRoy Jenkins Palace Inn.


There are many good restaurants in Daytona Beach. These, we've personally sampled and they're offered as suggestions to help you begin your stay.

Ocean Deck

127 South Ocean Avenue
(386) 253-5224

The Ocean Deck is on the beach just south of the Main Street Pier. You can eat upstairs in air-conditioned comfort with a close view of the breakers through the large glass windows. Downtairs, it's open air dining with a breeze from the beach. The Ocean Deck has a moderately priced menu and delicious cocktails. A good choice it the tuna sandwich, grilled in foil. It's perfect when you're hungry late as the kitchen is open until 2 am.

Click Here for the Ocean Deck website:
it has a beach-view webcam

Hull's Seafood Market

10:30am to 8pm everyday

111 W Granada Blvd.
Ormond Beach
(take US 1 North from Daytona Beach, turn right on Granada and Hull's is a few blocks before the bridge to the beach)
(386) 673-8888

Fresh, local seafood from it's seafood store next door is prepared in numerous delicious ways and reasonably priced at Hull's. The atmosphere is casual with orders placed at a counter and served in to-go boxes that you can carry away or enjoy with a beer at tables inside or outside the small restaurant. Everything we've tried from the menu has been a wonderful treat. Get there before 6pm to purchase great local fresh seafood at Hull's seafood store.

Click Here for Hull's Seafood Market's website

Crabby Joe's at low tide

Crabby Joe's

3701 S. Atlantic Ave.
(386) 788-3364

Crabby Joe's is located south of Dunlawton. This casual grill is on a pier out over the ocean. A management change has caused a slight price hike and slight food quality reduction, but it's very enjoyable having lunch or an early dinner in the sea air. Lots of different seafood baskets and cocktails too. Crabby Joe's stops serving around 9:15 pm

Click Here for Crabby Joe's website

Racing's North Turn

4511 South Atlantic Avenue
Ponce Inlet
(386) 322-3258

When NASCAR started up in 1936, the first races were halfway on the beach and halfway on A-1-A. This fun beach bar and grill is located on the exact spot where the race cars turned onto A-1-A from the beach to race back down the road to return to the beach again. What an fabulous race course and Racing's North Turn is reminicent of the fabulous Dunes Clubs of yore where members could relax beachside in there swimwear amidst excellent food and beverage service. Best yet - this club is ope to everyone. Head south toward Ponce Inlet and it's easy to find.

Click Here for Racing's North Turn's website

Stavro's Pizza House

262 S. Beach St.
(386) 258 5154

Stavro's is located in Daytona's Downtown at the southernmost end on the cornor of Orange St. It serves outstanding homemade pizzas but the decor is a little too bright to enjoy dining inside. Stop by an get a take out and be sure to try Stavro's Greek salad (ask for no meat if you're a vegetarian). These pizzas are a great for a picnic or dinner in your hotel room.

DJ's Deck

under the Dunlawton Bridge on the North side
(386) 760 2277

DJ's serves inexpensively priced fried and grill seafood items and cocktails. You can eat out on its rustic dock overlooking the Halifax River. Delicious cocktails too. Great when you're looking for a quick lunch or dinner.


There are so many choices for lodging in Daytona Beach. The 1950s and earlier motor courts - don't you love The Lincoln's sign - are fast being replaced by luxury condos, but many are still around.

If you adventurous, pick a motel on the beach by riding along Atlantic Blvd (A-1-A) starting at Main Street and heading South. There are motels and hotels all along the way, and many of them feature special offers on their signs. When you see one you like, stop and ask to see a room

If you prefer something more upscale, consult your travel agent or the internet. One of our favorites that we've never stayed at is the Tropical Manor.

That's the Tropical Manor. Isn't all that pink a fab turn-on. Click Here for the Tropical Manor website

Daytona Beach Quick Links


Click Here for
the Daytona Beach International Airport website

The Daily Newspaper

The News-Journal got new ownership in April 2010 after a lengthy legal squabble between the newspaper's previous owners.

Click Here for
the Daytona Beach News-Journal website

This is the News-Journal Arts Center for the performing and visual arts - opened in January 2006. Perched in a fabulous setting along the Halifax River, it became a a facility of Daytona State College during that messy legal squbble.

Click Here for the schedule of upcoming events at the News-Journal Arts Center

Volusia County Public Library

Whether you need an internet connection or an inexpensive book to read on the beach (the Friends Store in the Library has paperbacks for 15 cents), the Library on City Island is the place to go

Click Here for
the Volusia County Public Library website

99.1 Eagles FM - WIKD

This is the student station from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, famous as the Harvard of The Skies. This low power FM station is totally free form and plays contemporay music and a variety of everything else. The DJs talk a lot about sex. Usually broadcasting locally in the evenings Monday - Saturday and all the time at Fun for listening.

Click Here for
Eagles FM website

The Restaurant at
The Daytona Beach Kennel Club & Poker Room

960 S. Willamson Blvd.
(386) 252 - 6484
Monday - Saturday from 6:30

(From the beach, take International Speedway to Williamson Blvd. which is just after the Speedway. Take a left, and it's on the right near the third traffic light - look for the tall light poles that light up the dog track.)

This is a fun place for a casual evening meal. Looking out on the dog track through the big windows, you can watch the greyhounds coming to the track for their exciting but short races. Enjoy a meal or a sandwich & salad (the old-timey Iceburg Wedge is a super tasty favorite) while deciding on which dog to place a bet. The wagers start at $2 so it's really some inexpensive fun, and you might even win some cash to pay for the meal.

Click Here for The Daytona Beach Kennel Club website

Boat Rides

The Eco-Boat Tours at the Marine Discovery Center

The Marine Discovery Center is a non-profit group encouraging healthy use of the Indian River Lagoon. Eco-Boat Tours depart from its location in New Smyrna Beach for a close-up look at the pelican rookery, swimming dolphins and varied wildlife that reside among the many mangrove islands. An informative narrative is provided by the Discovery Center's staff who are enthusiastic about the their mission to preserve this beautiful area. It's a lot of fun too. Kayak tours are also available and they even provide you with a kayak. Reservations are necessary. Get the details at their website.

Afterwards, head over the draw bridge toward the beach and enjoy an early supper at Breakers, located right on the Atlantic. They offer seafood and 17 kinds of burgers, so you'll have plenty of choices.

Marine Discovery Center

Ponce Inlet

If you travel south on Atlantic Avenue, you'll end up in historic Ponce Inlet (drive the speed limit, the police are particular there). There you'll find a museum at the Historic Lighthouse, a fun beachside park where the surfers congregate, and the wonderful Marine Science Center that rescues and rehabilitates sea turtles and sea birds. A great area to explore.

On the river, approacing the inlet, is the Inlet Harbor Restaurant. It's a local attraction featuring live music, a gift shop, a seafood menu, and an expansive dock overlooking the Halifax where you can enjoy a drink or a meal while watching a beautiful sunset. Click Here for the Inlet Harbor Restaurant's website.

A sea turtle in rehab at the Marine Science Center


The Daytona International Speedway

International Speedway Blvd near I-95

NASCAR fans or anyone interested in learning about America's new #1 spectator sport will enjoy a trip to see the Speedway. Outside of it is The Daytona 500 Experience (formerly known as Daytona USA) attraction with computer games , computerized rides and exhibits including the actual car that won the Daytona 500 that year. It's too expensive really, so we recommend you skip it and instead purchase the tour of the racetrack that's sold at The Daytona 500 Experience's box office for $7.50. The tour will take you around the oval where the cars race at over 190 mph, through the infield where racefans become wild party animals the entire weekend of a race and end up in Victory Lane for some photo opportunites. You can also pickup some discount NASCAR souvenirs at the NASCAR outlet underneath the stands.

Click Here for
The Daytona International Speedway's website

Click Here for The Daytona 500 Experience's website

For a daredevil experience that's exciting, scary and fun (we've heard this from our friend Amy who's done it in Atlanta), buy 3 laps in a racecar going over 150 mph on the racetrack as the passenger of an experienced driver. The Richard Petty Driving Experience is in charge and the cost is $150. Call ahead to make sure it's going because the rides do go everyday 386 947 6530

Click Here for
the Richard Petty Driving Experience website

The classic Florida attraction is Silver Springs. That's were you ride in glass bottom boats over crystal clear water and look at the fish and the plants as your captain presents an amusing narrative. On another boat ride, you'll go by the area inhabited by wild monkeys - we were lucky enough to see one while we were there. Silver Springs has a lovely collection of alligators and a giraffe too. You get to Silver Springs from Daytona Beach by driving on a country road through some national forests, and the trip takes about 90 minutes. Take State Road 40 west and look for the signs for Silver Springs. Discount coupons might be on the Silver Springs website. It's a really fun place to see.

Click Here for Silver Springs website

Kennedy Space Center Tour

That's an actual Saturn rocket on display at the Kennedy Space Center - just one of the interesting features on the tour of the Kennedy Space Center. The tour involves taking a bus all over the Space Center and stopping in selected areas for special activites; our favorite was the simulated-space-shuttle-blast-off ride. The Space Center is about 60 miles south of Daytona in Cocoa Beach. Chect out its website for all the details.

Click here for the Kennedy Space Center Tour website

That's New Smyrna Beach across Ponce Inlet.
The Mosquito Lagoon is over there
toward the right.

The Historic Ponce Inlet Lighthouse
The view from the top is spectacular
if you're brave enough to walk up all the steps
(it's the tallest lighthouse in Florida).


Bike Week (late February) and Biketoberfest (middle October) every year.

Don't be intimidated by these bikers, they're just a bunch of teddy bears all butched up. Biketoberfest, which we attended for the second time this year, is a constant parade of awesome machines, a bizarre of motorcycle fashions and bike accessories, plus special appearances by those dinosaur bands you've always wanted to see like Blue Oyster Cult, ZZ Top, Johnny Winters - wild acts like that. After experiencing the uninhibited lifestyles of the bikers, you might want to become one yourself.

Click Here for the Biketoberfest website

Click Here for the Bike Week website


This week-long festival kicks off the NASCAR season. It's the week preceeding the Daytona 500 and there something different to celebrate everyday. If you're not camping at the Speedway, watch out because the hotel rooms become very pricey during this event. Check out The Speedway's website for the complete schedule.


Sightseeing adds to the fun of a Florida vacation, and there are many entertaining sightseeing opportunities near Daytona Beach. Here are some gay favorites.

Blue Spring State Park

2100 West French Avenue
Orange City, Florida 32763
Phone: 386-775-3663

During the winter months, manatees seek refuge in the water of Blue Spring which is a constant 72 degrees year around. Above is a picture of a manatee we took on a chilly December day - that's how close-up you can get to observe the graceful manatees. In the warmer months, the manatees return to the St. Johns River and park visitors can swim or skin dive in the crystal clear spring waters. There are a variety of activites available there. Check out the park's website for that information and directions. The park is about 30 minutes west of Daytona Beach off I-4.

Click Here for the Blue Spring State Park website

America's oldest city, St. Augustine, is about 90 minutes north of Daytona Beach. Its historic areas have been beautifully preserved. For the most scenic outing, drive there vai A-1-A where gorgeous vistas of the Atlantic Ocean will impress you all along the way. About midway on the journey, you'll pass by Marineland, once a giant salt water aquarium tourist attraction. Built in 1937, Marineland's futurist look seems modern even today. Now Marineland features a dolphin and human interactive aquarium where members of the public can swim or even have their weddings performed with dolphins as the guests. Gay marriage is unconstitutional in Florida; but the dophins probably don't care. Check the Marineland website for the most current information.

Click Here for the website for St. Augustine

Click Here for Marineland's website

On the way to Marineland you'll pass through Flager Beach, a neat little beach town. We had a very tasty lunch at Finn's, across the street from the pier. It has a rooftop seating area with a terrific view of the Atlantic.




For the lowest prices, check out the Super Wal-mart which is at the interesection of Nova Road and Belville (Northwest corner), south from INTERNATIOAL. It's one of the modern Wal-Marts with a more pleasing decor inside.

For a better selection, there's Publix, but they're hard to find, so here are some addresses to help you out


3044 S Atlantic Ave
(386) 756-3482
2595 N Atlantic Ave
(386) 677-3098
2400 S Ridgewood Ave
(386) 756-9969
1850 Ridgewood Ave
(386) 677-7161

The liquor store to go to is the ABC chain. You'll need to enroll in their price card program (it's easy) for some discounts but for others you won't need to. Here are the addresses of two.

BEACHSIDE 3332 S Atlantic Ave.
MAINLAND 1506 S Ridgewood Ave.
(386) 258-1417

Fresh Seafood

Hull's Seafood Market

111 W Granada Blvd.
Ormond Beach
(take US 1 North from Daytona Beach, turn right on Granada and Hull's is a few block before the big bridge)
(386) 677-1511

A huge variety of fresh local seafood; open everyday until 6pm

Click Here for Hull's Seafood Market's website

TARGET is #1 for the gays and lesbians and there are 2 excellent TARGETS in Daytona. Both are located near I-95. the Super Target is next to the Lowe's on Dunlawton heading west (look for the small sign beside the road for Lowe's) and the regular Target is on INTERNATIONAL heading west beyond the Speedway.

Car Repairs

Orlando & Sons Car Repair Center

586 S. Yonge St.
Ormond Beach

386 677 9971

Once the battery in our Park Avenue ran down and our realtor Debbie recommended Orlando & Sons. We were pleased with their service and reasonable price - so if you encounter an automotive breakdown and need somewhere for the auto club to tow you, try there. Yonge Street, by the way, is what US 1 is called in Ormond Beach. From Daytona Beach, go north - it's not that far away.

Shuttle Bus Service to the Orlando Airport

Daytona Orlando Airport Shuttle

665 Beville Road
South Daytona


Daytona Orlando Transit Service

1034 North Nova Road
Daytona Beach

386 257-5411
800 231-1965

Many discount airlines fly from the Orlando Airport, so the prices are often way lower than flying directly into Daytona Beach. For $30-something one way, these shuttle bus services will get you to the Orlando departure terminals in about 1 1/2 hours. For departure schedules, check the shuttles' websites.
Click here for Daytona Orlando Airport Shuttle's website

Click here for the DOTS - Daytona Orlando Transit Service's webite

Just for Fun

Outdoor Farmers' Market

Every Saturday morning from 9am until noon produce vendors assemble on City Island offering low prices on fresh vegetables and more. It's a great place to save a lot on tomatoes and especially oranges and grapefruit and pick up a present that will be appreciated by the folks back home.

City Island is across a little bridge from the Downtown Business Area. The big library is there.

The Daytona Beach Flea Market

Tee shirts for $2, fresh produce, cell phone caddies that look like a thong - those are a sample of the magnitude of bargains available at the weekend flea market that advertises over 3 miles of wares. It's open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 til 5. Most of it is not air-conditioned, so dress cool. The Flea Market is just West of !-95 off INTERNATIONAL. Take a left at Tomoka Farms Road. Click here for The Daytona Beach Flea Market website

Downtown Used Furniture

intersection of Nova and Mason (south of INTERNATIONAL) in the Masonnova Plaza
(386) 239 9884

This store is a real find for those queens into retro. Lots of 70s & 80s stuff you'd find at quadruple-the-price in those trendy big city shoppes. For instance, we found a Magnovox console hifi stereo from the 1960s with a stackable turntable and it acturally works. It was $67.

the best way to listen to records - remember those

If you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know.

Betty Jack DeVine